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Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Video: Blake Griffin Windmill Off The Backboard

Though it took a few tries to get the pass and timing right, Blake Griffin threw down a ridiculous, powerful dunk, catching a pass from Baron Davis off the side of the backboard and throwing down a windmill dunk. The jam was far from his best on Saturday night, but in the interest of being thorough, it's worth watching again. The slam helped propel Griffin to the dunk contest win as he took home the fan vote in the finals, edging JaVale McGee.

Here's Griffin, with time winding down, finally throwing down the dunk off the backboard.

Yes, the dunk's been done before, but it's still impressive, nonetheless. But should it have been enough to get Griffin through to the finals? After all, JaVale McGee brought it in the first two rounds and DeMar DeRozan put together an underrated performance, yet didn't do enough to get into the final two. Even Serge Ibaka had a legitimate case for making the finals over Griffin after a ridiculous free throw line dunk, followed by a creative use of a prop.

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