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Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Video: JaVale McGee Three Ball Dunk

In the first round of the Slam Dunk Contest, JaVale McGee dunked two balls on two hoops, an impressive feat to be sure. But in the final round, facing hometown-favorite Blake Griffin, McGee knew he had to step his game up. To get the party started in the finals, McGee brought out three balls, upping the ante from his first dunk. This time, instead of two hoops, though, McGee threw all three down on the same hoop, dunking with both hands, catching an alley-oop and flushing it to finish the sequence.

And, of course, McGee got the assist from his mother, which makes for a nice moment. Though he didn't win the dunk contest, McGee impressed and opened some eyes. it would be easy to argue Saturday night did more for him than Griffin, the winner of it all.

A double dunk? Check. Triple dunk? You betcha. Invite McGee back next year and see what else he can do, NBA.

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