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Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Video: Blake Griffin Does The Vince Carter

After a ridiculous 360 dunk to open the Slam Dunk Contest, Blake Griffin went to the way-back machine for the second, imitating dunk contest legend Vince Carter. Like the rest of the competitors during Saturday night's contest, Griffin put a new twist on an old dunk, throwing himself an alley-oop off the backboard before finishing with his elbow through the rim.

Check out Griffin's homage to Carter in the video below and note just how high he gets above the rim.

That's some serious elevation. Griffin dunks, then hangs there on his elbow for a fair amount of time before returning to Earth. Notice how Charles Barkley says Griffin is gonna be good once he gets into the weight room, as well. Chuck was full of zingers last night.

As we saw, Griffin saved his best for last, dunking over a Kia for his final dunk of the night. Griffin took home the fan vote to win the dunk contest, edging JaVale McGee for the title.

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