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Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Video: Serge Ibaka Teddy Bear Dunk

Serge Ibaka knew it was all about presentation at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and delivered on Saturday night. After taking flight from the free throw line for his first dunk, Ibaka took the showman's role in his second, enlisting the help of an adorable youngster. Filled with sadness, the young actor told Ibaka his stuffed animal was stuck in the hoop, and only Ibaka could save it.

Ibaka doesn't just grab the teddy bear, though. Instead, he grabs the teddy almost off the rim with his mouth.

It took him two tries, but that's still an impressive dunk. We've heard commentators say athletes can kiss the rim, but Ibaka almost literally kissed it while grabbing the stuffed animal. Those are some serious hops.

In the end, Ibaka just missed out on the finals as Blake Griffin and JaVale McGee slid through with near-perfect scores.

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