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Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Video: Serge Ibaka Free Throw Line Dunk

Oklahoma City's Serge Ibaka meant business on Saturday night, taking flight from the start in the Slam Dunk Contest. For his first dunk, Ibaka put a new twist on an old dunk, throwing down a legitimate free throw line dunk. We've seen a dunk like this many times before, but Ibaka's may have been the most impressive.

Note where Ibaka jumps from in the video below.

This isn't taking off from on the free throw line or just in front of it. Ibaka takes off from just behind the line, making it a pretty impressive sight. Keep in mind, of course, that McGee is 7-feet tall, diminishing the dunk a bit.

From Blake Griffin's car dunk to JaVale McGee's double dunk to Ibaka's free throw line slam, there were plenty of highlights during Saturday night's dunk contest. Welcome back to the dunk contest. We missed you.

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