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VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan Dunks On, Embarrasses Jon Brockman

There's getting dunked on and there's what happened to Jon Brockman on Monday night. Los Angeles Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan didn't just throw it down on Brockman, he embarrassed the former Washington star in the worst way. Brockman tried with all his might to stay upright as Jordan was putting him on a poster, even grabbing Jordan's jersey as he toppled to the floor. The end result was Brockman in a heap, with Jordan towering over him like a king that just conquered a new land.

Thanks to the power of Youtube, this little dandy will live-on forever.

To add insult to injury, Brockman was whistled for the foul on the other end immediately following the dunk after colliding with Jordan. His reaction -- throwing his arms up and declaring innocence -- makes the foul almost as funny as the dunk.

Brockman had an all-around rough night, finishing with no points and four fouls in just seven minutes of play. Jordan, on the other hand, finished with 16 points, seven rebounds and four blocks. The Clippers won the game, as well, dropping the Bucks at the Staples Center, 105-98.