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NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase: Three Sonics Stars To Be Available

Well, we still can't watch the Seattle Sonics, but at least we can play as them. NBA 2K12's forthcoming Legends Showcase mode, available around the holiday period, will feature former Sonics from the past and many other legends from back in the day. The new mode, which will be available as Downloadable Content, adds 45 NBA legends to the mix.

The three former Sonics available are listed below.

Spencer Haywood (1973 Sonics)
Jack Sikma (1982 Sonics)
Dale Ellis (1989 Sonics)

No Slick Watts, though? What's up with that? More names and details after the jump.

For no reason and in no particular order...

Lenny Wilkens (1968 Hawks)
Rick Barry (1975 Warriors)
George Mikan (1951 Lakers)
Dan Majerle (1993 Suns)
Cedric Ceballos (1994 Suns)

A full list of Legends Showcase players can be found over at Dime Mag. The NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase will cost $9.99 for Playstation 3 gamers or 800 points for XBox users.