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VIDEO: Shawn Kemp, Blake Griffin Dunks Compared As Kemp Recaptures Some Attention

If you kept an eye on Twitter Thursday, you would've noticed Shawn Kemp was trending. It left many scrambling, trying to figure out what Kemp had done now. Turns out, ESPN triggered the Twitter-explosion, asking readers which prolific NBA dunker Blake Griffin compared to. The people have spoken, choosing Shawn Kemp as the player Griffin's powerful dunk-game resembles.

Luckily for us, ESPN posted a video in response to the Kemp answer. Enjoy some of Kemp's best dunks as we take a trip down memory lane.

After the jump, we compare those to Griffin's impressive body of work this year.

Griffin is completely ridiculous, adding to his lengthy highlight reel almost every night. Crowds boo when he doesn't get a dunk and fans come just to see what he can come up with next. From alley-oops to vicious, posterizing dunks, Griffin has been a beast this season.

But does Griffin compare to Kemp in his prime? Of all the dunkers Griffin could resembles, it's probably Kemp's style that lines up best with his. Both were great leapers, throwing down dunks with powerful authority. Kemp didn't just dunk the ball, he tried to drive it through the hardwood. And if you got in his way? Look out.

What will Griffin come up with next? We'll see what else he has in his bag of tricks during the NBA All-Star weekend, when he makes his dunk contest debut.