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Why Stop At Portland? Why Not Send Squatch To Oklahoma City?

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After Matt Heuer went to Portland as Squatch last Thursday, now the crew organizing a fundraising drive to take the effort a step forward: making a trip to Oklahoma City, as not-so-subtly stated in the video above.

An excerpt from the description in the video:

But Portland was one thing… Let us, SONICS FANS, band together and send SQUATCH down to a Thunders game IN OKLAHOMA CITY! Any donation will be appreciated. From the penny you used to check the treads on your tires to the money in your childhood piggy bank; any bit counts. We have not decided which game SQUATCH will attend just yet but if this takes off, we will update everyone. If we don’t get enough funds, we will either refund everything or donate it to a local charity.

Let me preface my thoughts on this by saying this: Oklahomans were very hospitable and generally understanding - yet not as apologetic and remorseful as one might fantasize! - about the Sonics situation when I visited the Thunder during the preseason. So I won't take this time to diss the entire state out of bitterness, partially because they certainly don't represent the spirit of the individual who actually made this happen...and partially because I don't have the Red River Rivalry cred to pull it off as a joke as The Kobe Beef - Texans - did.

But that said, I do want them to face Squatch and tell him to his furry face that the team left because of lack of support (it will remain taboo to discuss whether that is true in this space).

That would be fun.

Anyway, if they pull this one off I'm definitely looking forward to the video. In fact, it even has the makings of a sequel. If nothing else, the idea is amusing.