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2012 Home Run Derby: Prince Fielder Wins Home Run Derby; A Mariners Fan Openly Sobs Somewhere

Prince Fielder proved why he was so coveted by the Mariners this past summer by clubbing 12 home runs in the final round to lead past Jose Bautista to take unofficial title of Supreme Slugger In All of the Universe. Bautista made a final effort, but Fielder's complete obliteration of the baseball was just too much to get past.

For Seattle fans, the real story is that Fielder is making a run at a different kind of history most people aren't aware of. He is the first player to win multiple home run derbies since Ken Griffey Jr. Luckily, Junior did a good job of staking claim to being one of the best home run hitters on the planet, and has three home run derby titles under his belt, including back to back wins in 1998 and 1999.

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