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Home Run Derby 2012: Prince Fielder Barely Advances, Trumbo Mashes Everything In Sight

Remember way back in the day when Prince Fielder was almost a Mariner? Well if you still hold those disillusions, than his Home Run Derby showing was for you! Fielder exemplified the Detroit Tigers struggles this season with only five home runs in the opening round of the derby. When he got a hold of the ball though, Fielder still showed why he is one of the most feared hitters in batting practice, launching two balls into the fountains of Kauffman Stadium, including the longest of the night at 454 feet. Still, the five home runs were enough to get to the next round, although a bit less than what Cano was banking on.

Angels slugger Mark Trumbo advanced with seven home runs, proving why he will be striking fear into the hearts of Seattle Mariners fans for years to come. He hit a mix of beyond-towering monster slams and line drives that somehow got powered beyond the fences. Trumbo leads the league in length of home runs averaging 419.5 feet per.

Matt Kemp came back from injury to be terrible, coming close to repeating fellow Mariner Bret Boone's 2001 Home Run Derby performance (Boone hit zero HR). Kemp ended with one.

Robinson Cano did absolutely terrible, getting the big donut as the Kansas City faithful got into his head, booing every at bat and cheering every out. Cano committed the egregious sin of picking Trumbo over Billy Butler. He was the first home run derby participant to not hit a single long ball since Brandon Inge in 2009.

Jose Bautista hit 11 home runs and Carlos Beltran hit seven to advance as well.

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