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Mariners vs. Royals: Felix Hernandez Hit On Wrist, Stays In Game

Felix Hernandez was struck by a ball on Sunday afternoon while pitching against the Royals. He was hit on his left wrist and was clearly in pain at first, but still managed to stay in the game and continue pitching. Since the incident, Hernandez has struggled to consistently throw strikes and the wrist continues to bother him.

Here is the latest from Safeco Field.

It is a good sign that it was his left wrist -- his non-throwing wrist, in other words -- but you still have to worry about Hernandez. As for now it appears Hernandez will continue pitching, but he will definitely be evaluated after the game wraps up. X-rays will probably be taken just as a precaution.

As for the game itself, the M's currently lead the Royals 3-2 in the 6th inning.

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