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The Seattle Twitterverse Reacts to Ichiro Trade

SBNation's brilliant youtube video about the internet's reaction to Ichiro just about sums up everybody's reaction as perfectly as possible.

Everyone knew that the Mariners were one of the "seller" teams in the upcoming trade deadline. But there probably aren't that many individuals who can honestly say they saw this one coming. They maybe saw Jason Vargas coming. Or Brandon League circa last year coming. Or maybe even one of the vaunted young arms in the minor leagues. But Ichiro Suzuki?! The man, who despite showing an obvious case of an aging and declining skillset, still seems like he is immortal and belongs in the next sequel to "Wrath of the Titans"?

Not only that, the Mariners once again shipped someone off to the New York Yankees. The hated New York Yankees. Thing is, it isn't like the New York Yankees have done anything to the Mariners to make them extra hated - or any more hated than any other team should be. We took Jesus Montero from them and gave them a broken pitcher. Sure, they have A-Rod, but he had already soiled his good name by cashing in on his now famous 10 year $900 billion contract the Texas Rangers gave him. In fact, if anything, the New York Yankees are one of the sole good memories of being a Seattle Mariners fan. 1995 anyone?

Twitter is an interesting beast, and it shines best in situations like this Ichiro trade that came out of left field. Twitter does best when people are limited by 140 characters to express an amount of emotion that would take up 140 pages. Ichiro - regardless or where you stand in his relation to the Seattle Mariners as a team now - is one of the most important baseball players this city has ever had. He will be held in the same regard as Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson, Alvin Davis, and every other Mariners great. Ichiro was a trend setter. He proved that Japanese players can not only compete in the MLB, but they can thrive, and make an absolute mockery of all their American counterparts in the process.

Here is the reaction from some Twitter residents of the Emerald City, wishing the face of the franchise a good bye over the interwebs.

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