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Ichiro Will Wear New Number As a Yankee; Will Play Tonight Against Mariners

It isn't exactly a blockbuster trade in terms of talent, but as far as gravity goes you probably won't find a larger one this trading season. For the second time in a year, the Mariners are sending a fan favorite over to the Yankees, although the circumstances of it are quite a bit different.

But the news is slowly trickling in - and #51, or at least he used to be #51, will be playing against the Mariners tonight at Safeco Field. Ichiro's first at-bat tonight, the only at-bat he will have made not wearing a Mariners uniform, will quite possibly be the most surreal story in sports of the year.

From the get-go, it looks like the Yankees are really coming away with a steal of a trade here - assuming Ichiro can regain a bit of his old-form. The Mariners will be paying close to 2/3 of Ichiro's remaining contract with the Yankees picking up the rest.

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