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MLB Trade Rumors: Mariners Shortstop Brendan Ryan A Perfect Fit For Braves

The Seattle Mariners look to be a team in a holding pattern as the July 31 trade deadline arrives, but that does not mean they won't take any and all calls from opposing teams. There aren't a ton of pieces that could be moved in Seattle, but shortstop Brendan Ryan is one of those guys.

The Braves are currently looking for a shortstop, and Ryan could be a great fit in Atlanta. One national writer reports on a possible deal in the works.

Here's Buster Olney of ESPN.

Ryan is not hitting much this season -- his batting average of .184 and OPS of .556 rank him amongst the worst in the game -- but he's an absolute wiz defensively. According to the advanced stat, DRS (Defensive Runs Saved), he's the best defensive shortstop around. For the Braves, who are currently without young phenom Andrelton Simmons for at least a month, Ryan makes a ton of sense.

It's unclear what he would bring back in a deal for the M's, but it likely wouldn't be very much. The Braves don't have an overly stocked farm system, but they could have an enticing piece or two. It should be noted that this is just speculation from Olney, but it does seem like a pretty legitimate rumor at this time.

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