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MLB Trade Rumors: Mariners Unlikely To Pursue Justin Upton

Many were surprised when word came that Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton could be dealt before the July 31 trade deadline. For a player who was arguably the most valuable player of the National League last season, you'd have to imagine just about every team in baseball would at least place a call to the D-backs.

While the Mariners certainly have the prospects to make a run at acquiring Upton, they don't appear to be legitimate suitors, according to one team writer.

Here's Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times with the latest:

In theory, Upton is exactly the type of player these Mariners say they want and more. He's younger than many of the young position players the Mariners keep deploying and he's beyond the initial growing pains so many Seattle hitters are experiencing as they begin their careers.

Is Upton a superstar? No, and that's why he's available. He coud be a superstar someday, or turn out to be just a very good player -- something the Mariners need more of.

So, will the Mariners try to deal for him? I seriously doubt it.

And what would be the main cause of not pursuing a deal?

Upton is in the midst of a deal that pays him $51.25 million over six years and runs through the 2015 season. He's owed roughly $41 million in salary on the duration of that deal as of right now.

For a team that likely isn't contending for at least another two years, I guess it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to try and deal a bunch of young prospects. At time same time though, Upton could emerge as a superstar any day and that would be a huge boost to the Mariners' rebuilding project.

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