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2012 MLB All-Star Game: NL Wins 8-0; Felix MIA

The National League came out with a big bang and coasted to an easy 8-0 victory over the American League. Ron Washington also made good on his promise that the world wouldn't see Felix Hernandez tonight, further depriving Seattle sports of anything pleasant.

Justin Verlander struggled mightily in the first inning, giving up five runs en route to the worst All-Star game showing of his career. That obviously doesn't mean very much, but the San Francisco Giants virtually single handedly powered the National League to victory, accounting for five of the RBIs and four of the runs.

Mike Trout had a good showing, singling up the middle and promptly stealing a base to further strike terror in the hearts of the few and remaining Mariners fans county-wide. Fellow uber-star Bryce Harper had an All-Star Game to probably forget. He got on base by walk, but was caught in a run down and committed an error in left field (although not officially called an error - he did the gif below).



In an attempt to redeem its class, the Kansas City crowd gave a standing ovation to Chipper Jones who singled on what Joe Buck unfortunately called a "squirter", in what will be the last hit of his long and illustrious All-Star Game career.

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