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2012 All Star Game: NL Leads 5-0 After Three; King Felix Probably Won't Pitch

After going the distance on Sunday night with his 113 pitch effort, Ron Washington said he most likely wouldn't use Felix Hernandez in the All Star Game unless he was forced to.

King Felix, as King Felix does, volunteered to pitch but Washington is playing the nice division rival and elected to try and not use the Mariners only all star.

After three innings, it seems like there is a good chance Hernandez won't be pitching either. Justin Verlander was quite shaky in the first inning, giving up five runs in the first inning punctuated by a bases clearing triple by Pablo Sandoval. Meanwhile, Matt Cain shook off unnecessary R.A. Dickey media-spun drama and pitched a clean two innings to carry the National League.

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