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Mike Zunino Nearing Deal To Sign With Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners selected Florida catcher Mike Zunino with their first round pick at the 2012 MLB Draft, which just happened to be the No. 3 overall selection. Zunino could move quickly through the organization due to his advanced bat and ability behind the plate, and very few have doubts that he'll be a quality player for the Mariners for years to come.

Zunino and the Mariners have been working out details on his first contract, and it appears the two sides are just about ready to agree to something.

It was also reported that Zunino would be undergoing his physical this weekend, which is a mere formality at this point. Seattle should have all of this wrapped up by Monday at the latest, if not sooner.

As for Zunino, he immediately becomes one of the top prospects in an already strong system. Look for him to spend a few weeks at the lower levels of the Minor Leagues to get his feet wet before making the ascension to High-A ball next year (at the very least). He may also elect to play in the Arizona Fall League should the club feel it would help his development.

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