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Doug Fister, Jamie Moyer, Felix Hernandez, Jason Vargas Named Underrated Baseball Pitchers By Peers

Sports Illustrated released their list of the most underrated pitchers in MLB as voted upon by their playing contemporaries. As you would expect, there are a lot of Seattle Mariners on this list.

Felix Hernandez and Jason Vargas don't get nearly enough credit because they play on struggling Seattle teams. Hernandez has a career 3.25 ERA and has one Cy Young under his belt as well as being a strikeout master. Vargas is one of those underrated number twos, and has moved his ERA down to 3.64 this season.

Doug Fister has done a lot in his career, and even though the win-loss record isn't impressive, remember that he played on some crummy Seattle teams. Fister is second on the list despite going 20-34, but his ERA is 3.47 and was lights out after being traded to the Detroit Tigers.

Jamie Moyer is the ageless one, and seems to be highly regarded. With a 4.25 career ERA and still going strong coming up on the age of 50, he remains one of the most remarkable stories in sports.

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