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2012 MLB Draft: Seattle Mariners Take Mike Zunino

The Seattle Mariners seem to have landed the player they wanted whent hey drafted Florida Gators catcher Mike Zunino with the third overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft. Zunino is a solid player who promises to provide good offense to a team in desperate need of hitting power.

At 6-2, 220 pounds, Zunino is the best catcher in the draft and considered the best position player available on the board. It’s a strong, solid pickup for a team that might have solid catcher depth, but could use another bat in the lineup to really make opposing pitching fear their lineup. He provides hitting from both sides of the plate and could bring another potential catcher to ensure quality players at that position for years to come.

Talk about the Mariners taking Zunino over at Seattle’s SB Nation site, Lookout Landing.

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