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Justin Smoak Named AL Player Of The Week

There were some here in media and fans that were starting to give up hope that Justin Smoak could be a big-league hitter. He's been up in the majors the last two years. With 968 at-bats, Smoak has only been hitting .229 for his career. But his numbers are all up this season. Smoak is hitting .238 this year with an OBP of .293 and a slugging percentage of .409, which aren't great numbers but are definitely productive ones and put him back on the right track.

Smoak continued a year-long resurgence after he was named AL Player of the Week this past week. Smoak hit .348 with 3 home runs, 8 RBI and a 1.265 OPS in 6 games last week. Smoak hit 3 for 5 with two home runs on May 30th against Texas, 2 for 3 on June 1st against the White Sox, then 2 for 6 on June 2nd against Chicago. It was a good week for Smoak, perhaps his best in the pros.

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