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Josh Hamilton Brings Up Memories Of Mike Cameron's 4-HR Day

First of all, Josh Hamilton is a straight beast. Even though he's part of the AL West rival Texas Rangers, his 5-5 day with four home runs and eight RBI against the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday is something you simply have to tip your cap to, regardless of how you feel about him or his team.

But for Mariners fans all it did was bring up some very fond memories of May 2, 2002, that special day that former M Mike Cameron launched four homers of his own against the Chicago White Sox. Let's take a trip in the way back when machine...

A few hudred shy of 13,000 were in attendance at Comiskey Park on the south side of the Windy City that day to witness the historic event, a game that eventually finished 15-4 in Seattle's favor. It was bad new for the Sox form the get-go, with Chicago's Jon Rauch departing after only 0.1 innings pitched, giving up eight runs on six hits including one of Cameron's big flys. 10 of the Mariner's runs came in that first inning.

From there it was Jim Parque's turn, lasting another six innings though was responsible for Cameron's other three home runs on the day. All of Cam's homers were solo shots on the day, and came close again putting one on the warning track to finish the day 4-5. Brett Boone also had two homers on the day, James Baldwin would get the win for seven innings of solid work. All in all, a great day for the M's.

Ten years later, still a great feeling to look at this box score if your a Seattle fan.

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