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Dustin Ackley Sits The Bench On Dustin Ackley Bobblehead Night

Dustin Ackley has been one of the fan favorites with the Mariners ever since being selected with the second pick of the 2009 draft. While he is still young and learning the ropes of playing every day at the Major League level, Ackley has impressed in his short time in Seattle.

When the Mariners scheduled Dustin Ackley Bobblehead Night at Safeco Field they figured he would be playing. That will not be the case at the ballpark on Friday night.

Here is the latest from Seattle:

Wedge has always been an old school type manager, but this does seem a bit silly. If the organization is going to celebrate one of their up-and-coming youngsters with a bobblehead night -- a night that only happens a few times each year -- put him back into the lineup. What's the worst that's going to happen? Let the kid play.

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