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Mariners Send Casper Wells to Triple-A, Chone Figgins Remains With Seattle

With the return of Miguel Olivo to the Seattle Mariners lineup, many were wondering whether or not Chone Figgins would be able to survive being dropped from the roster. But the news came down on THursday, and Figgins has escaped the chopping block.

According to a report from the Seattle Times, Casper Wells will be heading back to Triple-A, leaving Figgins with the Mariners for now. Stil;, the times' Larry Stone is of the opinion that he has got to go, essentially being in no-man's land on the team:

Moving him [Figgins] back to third base last year didn't revive him. Moving him back to the leadoff spot this year didn't revive him. And now Figgins has absolutely no role on this team. He is not even the prime backup choice at any position. If the Mariners need a backup third baseman, they turn toAlex Liddi. If they need a backup left fielder, they now turn to Liddi as well (Wells would also be a preferable option in a perfect world). If they need a backup shortstop, it's Munenori Kawasaki. If they need a backup second baseman, they'll move Kyle Seager over and play Liddi at third.

Hopefully Figgins can start picking up the slack or he may find himself on the way out of the major leagues.

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