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Mariners Great Randy Johnson Inducted Into USC Hall Of Fame

Randy Johnson will be inducted in the 2012 USC Hall of Fame later this month. Much of this has to do with his lifetime accomplishments in the league.

Indeed, some of Johnson's greatest moments came with the Seattle Mariners. Find out more about those moments after the jump.

The first glimpses of Johnson's future greatness came in his early years in Seattle. In 1990, Johnson struck out Wade Boggs three times in a game (the first left-hander to ever do that), and then put up a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers. In 1992, Johnson threw 160 pitches in a single game while striking out 18.

In 1993, Johnson had his first great season and his first of his 300-plus strikeout seasons, posting a 3.24 ERA. In 1995 he had an incredible year, going 18-2 and posting a 2.48 ERA. He capped off the season with some amazing pitching, winning aone-game playoff against the California Angels, then winning in the ALDS against the New York Yankees, winning Game 3 and winning Game 5 in extra innings in three innings of relief pitching.

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