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Michael Pineda Battling Shoulder Soreness, Making Mariners Look Like Geniuses (For Now)

Many folks who follow the Mariners were stunned when they dealt young ace-in-the-making Michael Pineda to the Yankees in exchange for Jesus Montero and a few other spare parts. Pineda had impressed everyone in his first season with the club, and Montero came with plenty of question marks, the biggest being if he was capable of being a catcher at the Major League level.

Some fans and many in the media were not happy with the trade and felt it was a step back in the rebuilding process. With news coming out that Pineda is battling a sore shoulder, which is always a huge red flag for pitchers, and Montero starting to show signs of life at the plate, this deal is looking better and better for Seattle.

Here are a few more details on the injury:

There is always a chance that Pineda is just suffering from tendinitis or a fatigued arm, but everyone around the Yankees appears very concerned. You would have to think the M's would be in the exact same spot if they would have held onto their young righty in the offseason, so this really is looking like a good deal for general manager Jack Zduriencik. Now it's just a wait-and-see approach for New York to see how this deal turns out in the long-run.

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