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Alex Rodriguez Ties Ken Griffey Jr. For Fifth All Time On Carrer Home Run List

Former Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriguez added some more history to his already historic resume on Friday, launching his 630th career home run, tying another Mariner legend, Ken Griffey Jr. for fifth on the all-time home run list.

The blast came off of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitching Ervin Santana, launching his first home run of the season while snapping a career long RBI drought for the veteran infielder.

If Rodriguez stays on track with his average of 30 homers in 150 games over the past three seasons, he will have passed San Francisco Giants legend Willie Mays by the end of the year. He still has a ways to go before reaching the 700's of the Ruth's, Aaron's and Bonds'.

  • Barry Bonds 762
  • Hank Aaron 755
  • Babe Ruth 714
  • Willie Mays 660
  • Alex Rodriguez 630
  • Ken Griffey Jr. 630
  • Sammy Sosa 609
  • Jim Thome 604

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