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Ozzie Guillen Suspension: Joey Cora, Mariners Former Infielder, Named Marlins Interim Manager

You might have heard about the controversy that Ozzie Guillen stirred up down in Miami when he said nice things about Fidel Castro. Well, that shockingly didn't go over so well, and he'll have to answer for his statements with one of those bizarre five game suspensions.

In the meantime, the bench coach Joey Cora will fill in for Guillen, and he's a name that's definitely familiar to Mariners fans. Nick Eaton of the Seattle Post Intelligencer files this report.

Cora, 46, is now bench coach in Miami. He is close friends with Guillen, coaching under him with the White Sox until Guillen left late last season. Cora was named interim manager in Chicago until he was told — via text message — not to show up for the final two games of the season.

Cory spent four seasons with the Mariners, including compiling a 24-game hitting streak that Ichiro later broke. Cora managed to make the 1997 AL All-Star team, hitting .300 that year and knocking in 11 dingers. Cora is most famous for breaking down after the team's defeat in the 1995 ALCS and garnering a lot of local support for his passion.

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