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Mariners Spring Training 2012: Jason Vargas Leads Seattle To 5-4 Win Over Padres

The Seattle Mariners picked up another Spring Training victory on Sunday, defeating the San Diego Padres by a final score of 5-4. The game was the spring debut for left-hander Jason Vargas and when all was said and done, it would be hard to imagine that either he or the M's could have wanted it to go any better.

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As the Associated Press reports, Vargas threw just four innings and 50 pitches, but was perfect in those four innings, allowing no Padres to reach base.

"I was around the zone. I was throwing the ball pretty much in the areas I was trying to throw it in so, it's getting work but at the same time, it's getting outs," Vargas said.

The Mariners actually led 4-0 going into the top of the ninth inning, but reliever Jarret Grube gave up three runs. The tying run for the Padres came home when shortstop Nick Franklin lost a pop fly in the sun and dropped the ball. Crises was averted in the bottom of the ninth, as Mike Wilson singled and Johermyn Chavez drove him in with a double to win the game.

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