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Mariners Spring Training 2012, Cactus League Schedule: Seattle Returns To Arizona

The Seattle Mariners have started their regular season, but have not yet ended their Spring Training season. Does that make any sense? After their two-game series against the Oakland Athletics this past weekend, the Mariners return to Peoria, Arizona to continue Cactus League play.

The M's have five Cactus League games left before continuing their regular season against the Oakland Athletics in a two-game series against Oakland on April 6th and 7th.

Here is the remaining Cactus League Schedule for the Mariners:

Friday, March 30th - vs. San Diego Padres, 6:05 pm PT

Sunday, April 1st - vs. Kansas City Royals, 1:05 pm PT (ROOT Sports)

Monday, April 2nd - vs. Colorado Rockies, 1:05 pm PT (ROOT Sports)

Tuesday , April 3rd - vs. Colorado Rockies, 1:10 pm PT (ROOT Sports)

Wednesday, April 4th - vs. Colorado Rockies, 1:10 pm PT

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