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Dynamic Ticket Pricing Is Nice, But Fans Want Mariners To Contend

The Seattle Mariners are trying some new and different tactics to try and improve fan attendance to home games. Continued great performance by young players like Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak and the newly-arrived Jesus Montero would all help, of course, but one of the new ploys by the team seems to miss the mark a bit.

Greg Lamm of the Puget Sound Business Journal posted a story on Friday about the new technology the Mariners will be using to provide real-time dynamic pricing to ticket sales.The Mariners have partnered with a company that will allow Mariners fans to get realistic deals on tickets, similar to StubHub. It makes you wonder who's still buying tickets directly off the team websites. Other than scalpers, I mean.

The story at the Business Journal is somewhat misleadingly titled "Can technology bring Mariners fans back to Safeco Field?" and sort of glances over the fact that attendance has plummeted as the Mariners have continued to fall out of playoff contention.

I get that it's hard to put a championship team together if you're not putting butts in seats, which is a vicious cycle. But I think the vast majority of M's fans would be a lot more excited about a talented team than about dynamic pricing being available ... particularly when they can just go to StubHub anyway.

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