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Chone Figgins Not Comfortable Batting 2nd

According to an interview with Ken Rosenthal, Mariners 3B Chone Figgins had this to say about a possible move to the number two spot in the lineup compared to batting leadoff, if Ichiro is indeed moved down in the order as rumors from manager Eric Wedge suggest:

“It would be great to go back to leadoff and do that again,” Figgins said. “If not, I have to change my mindset as a ‘2’ hitter. I haven’t really changed my mindset to be a ‘2’ hitter. I’ve stuck with being a patient hitter.”

That’s interesting to hear, but what’s even more interesting is that clearly someone went in there and added a “2” to the quote not once, but twice.

Shame on you, journalist that added those "2"s.

For more on the Mariners offseason, check out Lookout Landing. Just be prepared to hear over and over again that Chone Figgins is indeed still a Seattle Mariner.