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Gutierrez Tweaked Something, Leaves Camp This Morning

One day, just one day, there will be some good news coming out of the Mariners camp. Until then, we are stuck with reports from Geoff Bakers blog that Gutierrez apparently hurt his shoulder and was replaced in the intrasquad came today.

Mariners Blog | Mariners mum on why Franklin Gutierrez left camp this morning | Seattle Times Newspaper

"Gutierrez felt something in his shoulder -- or, at least in that immediate vicinity (could be upper back, or rib cage, too, who knows?) -- while throwing during drills today. He left to get it checked out. Darren Ford will replace him in CF for today's intra-squad game."

Baker later posted a slightly more specific tweet. Capture_medium

Update: Looks like Guti felt something in his right Pec according to Shannon Drayer's tweet. The team is now waiting on the MRI results.

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