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Seattle Mariners Spring Training 2012: Ichiro To Be Replaced By Chone Figgins At Leadoff, According To Report

Ichiro Suzuki batting first in the lineup for the Seattle Mariners has been a staple for the last decade in the major leagues. Ichiro has been one of the most constant hitters out there for ages, and he still remains one of the most popular athletes in the city of Seattle by miles.

So this news has to be troublesome if it turns out to be true.

What is Eric Wedge thinking here? Chone Figgins makes $9.5M this year, $8.5M next year, option for 2014. But he's been a total bust for the Mariners and has created issues in the clubhouse, experienced his worst year in the MLB last year and has been slowing down in general. Figgins was a putrid .188 batting average with an OBP of .241 and OPS and .484. Ichiro went .272/.310/.645. Yeah, hard to see a dropoff there, right?

Very questionable decision if it does end up happening.

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