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Spring Training 2012: Mariners Add Split Squad Game

Big news, Mariners fans. I won't leave you in suspense:

If you're planning on being in the Tucson area on or abouts March 16th, you may want to grab yourself some tickets. In more interesting Mariners' news, I highly suggest you follow Geoff Baker at his Mariners' blog on the Seattle Times webpage. He had some interesting updates today, which is saying something, considering the early part of spring training is essentially a bunch of team-stretching.

Here are some updates from Baker for you to check out!

Mariners Blog | Hong-Chih Kuo, others, throw bullpen sessions under watchful Mariners eyes | Seattle Times Newspaper
You may have read our story in today's paper about Taiwanese relief pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo, ex of the Dodgers. As you'll know from the story, the Mariners are keeping a close eye on his bullpen sessions to ensure that he repeats his arm slot and mechanics so as to avoid a repeat of "the yips" that plagued him in two of the past three seasons.

Mariners Blog | Mariners manager Eric Wedge confirms Alex Liddi will be playing some first base this spring and onward | Seattle Times Newspaper
Third baseman Alex Liddi went out and took some grounders at first base during pitchers fielding practice (PFP) this morning. It turns out, he'll be doing that a lot more often this spring, both in workouts and in games.

Mariners Blog | James Paxton already showing stuff that might separate him from the Mariners' prospect pack | Seattle Times Newspaper
Wherever you go these days, it's impossible to hear folks talk about James Paxton without the names Danny Hultzen and Taijuan Walker popping up as well. The three are considered an inseparable trio, given their high pitching ceilings. But they are also at different stages of their development and I'm often asked which of the three will make it to the majors first.

Mariners | Is Mariners pitcher James Paxton this year's Michael Pineda? | Seattle Times Newspaper - Young left-hander James Paxton has been impressive early in Mariners camp. Paxton, drafted by the Mariners in 2010, has a great fastball-curve combo and is working on a changeup.