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Did Angels guarantee that Felix Hernandez won't win Cy Young?

Hernandez gives up seven runs on 12 hits with seven strikeouts in 5⅓ innings in his last start of the season.

Brad White - Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners lost to the Los Angeles Angels, 8-4, on Monday and with it went the likelihood of Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez winning the second AL Cy Young Award of his career.

Well, at least according to Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing.

Sullivan graciously points out all that mattered and didn't matter due to the outcome of the Mariners-Angels game.

For the Angels, they put the nail in the coffin of Hernandez's Cy Young bid at a time when he wasn't really on the campaign trail. At 13-9 with an ERA of 3.06, Hernandez's production doesn't really scream "Cy Young." But the Angels ended up winning a game while finding out they didn't make the playoffs. Somber end to the Angels' playoff hopes, but hey, they ended Hernandez's hopes as well.

Sullivan continues with almost an ode to the season and what the Mariners have to look forward to in the future, since the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics have proven that coming out of nowhere to make the playoffs is actually doable.

Maybe Hernandez and the Mariners can be that team one day. But on this night, they were just the team whose only lease on life was the slim chances of their ace pitcher winning the award as the best pitcher in his league. And those chances are no longer.