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Seattle Mariners Unlikely To Make Big Move With Prince Fielder In Detroit

The Mariners had been linked to slugging first baseman Prince Fielder throughout most of the offseason, but the rumors finally came to an end on Tuesday as the All-Star signed a nine-year deal with the Detroit Tigers for upwards of $200 million dollars. With Fielder finally off the board, will the Mariners pursue any other notable free agents? Probably not, mostly because there aren't any out there that make a whole lot of sense.

Other than a utility player or corner outfielder there really aren't any impact bats left that would help the Mariners lineup, according to MLB Trade Rumors. The club could look to add a veteran starting pitcher or two, although it appears Jack Zduriencik is committed to rebuilding the franchise with young players and prospects. A veteran relief pitcher or two could be added, especially once their asking prices drop with Spring Training on the horizon.

The lack of moves may not be one that is appealing to M's fans, although the team appears to be headed in the right direction, even if they didn't land a big-time free agent like Prince Fielder.

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