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Spring Training 2012: Seattle Mariners Pitchers & Catchers Report Feb. 11, Full Squad Feb. 18

The Seattle Mariners are one month from the start of their 2012 season as it was announced today by Major League Baseball the first workout dates for all MLB teams, with the Mariners pitchers and catchers reporting February 11 and the rest of the squad on February 18.

Pitchers and catchers will have their first workout the day after they report on Feb. 12, while the full squad will have their first workout on the day after they report, on Feb. 19.

With all the waves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have been making this offseason, and the back-to-back AL West champion Texas Rangers to deal with in their division, it's easy to see why the M's are the earliest teams to begin Spring Training, getting almost an extra week of work in before the rest of the league begins.

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