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Milton Bradley Arrested For Second Time In 2011 For Battery

Former Seattle Mariner Milton Bradley's post-baseball free fall continued on Wednesday as he reportedly has been arrested for the second time this year, according to the L.A. Times.


The 33 year old Bradley was booked Tuesday on suspicion of felony battery according to authorities, and was brought to the Van Nuys Jail for holding. The details of the reported incident were not available, but it was said that Bradley was arrested by the LAPD's West Valley Division at a residence in a local neighborhood.


Bradley was arrested in Los Angeles back on January 18th for making threats against a woman, though the woman, the nature of their relationship or what fully went on were never divulged by law enforcement. No charges were ever filed. 


Milton has been known to have anger-management issues on and off the field, a large reason why he spent time on seven different teams during his 11 year professional career. Hopefully he can get some help.