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PHOTO: Dave Niehaus Statue Unveiled At Safeco Field

The statue of Dave Niehaus is complete, and was unveiled on Friday afternoon at Safeco Field. Niehaus' statue will reside on the outfield concourse at Safeco Field, giving fans a chance to remember the Seattle Mariners' legendary announcer. Niehaus passed away suddenly last year, leaving the Mariners and their fans shocked and saddened. The statue is part of a long list of tributes to Niehaus this season, including a commemorative patch worn by the team.

Here is the statue, surrounded by the Niehaus family.


Via the Seattle Mariners Twitter account.

After the jump, a look at the ironwork behind the statue, which serves as a tribute to his most famous call.


Via Shannon Drayer.

If you're at Safeco Field, visit the Niehaus statue and check it out. It's located on a landing on the outfield concourse on the edge of section 105 in right field.

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