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Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik Reportedly Returning

The Seattle Mariners are struggling, but Jack Zduriencik is apparently returning as general manager. Zduriencik has done too much good work with drafting and finding young and promising talent in the farm system.

Jack Zduriencik has had a rocky time as general manager of the Seattle Mariners since he arrived in October 2008. Here's his list of accomplishments since he arrived in Seattle.

  • An 85-77 team that somehow finished THIRD in the competitive 2009 AL West. Unlucky there.
  • A 61-101 team that unsurprisingly finished last in the 2010 AL West. Felix Hernandez kept this team from reaching historic lows.
  • A 2011 squad that, after teasing the Mariners with the promise of the postseason and were within striking distance of the Texas Rangers, dropped 17 straight games and pretty much drained the last of the enthusiasm out of their fanbase.

But it's not enough to convince the Mariners ownership that its his fault. In fact, he's done quite well to ensure that the organization is moving forward in the right direction. Although his job was described as less than secure a month or so ago, Shannon Dryer of ESPN 710 reports that sources close to the team say that Zduriencik will be returning to the team next year.

And it makes sense. Zduriencik has done a lot of good for this team particularly at the farm system level, and it'd be silly to pull the plug on him before he gets to inject his prospects into this unit.

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