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Brendan Ryan Hits A Rare Infield Triple Thanks To Hilarious Laziness

It's not often you see a guy take three bases without the ball leaving the infield and without a throwing error. But that's exactly what Brendan Ryan did on Tuesday night, using his noggin' to take advantage of the Oakland Athletics' indifference after an infield hit. Ryan got sneaky after begin called safe after first, pulling the same trick twice in quick succession and ending up at third before all was said and done.

Confused? Here's a visual aid.

This was like a play you'd see in little league. Ryan overran first, like any baserunner trying to beat-out a throw would, and was out of the first baseman's field of vision. He looked up and noticed nobody covering second, racing to the bag as the A's scrambled to recover. Once at second, he looked up and saw nobody on third, repeating the process once again.

When all was said and done, the A's infield was embarrassed, Ryan was exhausted and the Mariners had an infield triple on a ball hit in the hole. You probably won't see this often, so savor it. It was amazing.