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Young Seattle Mariners Fan Dances To Thriller, Becomes Online Sensation

For the most part, fan dancing at sporting events can be blanket categorized as bad gyrations and feeble attempts to get a laugh. The story is always the same: Music is played during a break in the action, fans dance in hopes of being shown on the Jumbotron and the crowd laughs at the hilariously bad moves. But every once in a while, a fan goes above and beyond the call of duty, showing off real dance moves that leave the crowd speechless.

That's exactly what this young fan was able to do at a recent Seattle Mariners game. With Michael Jackson's "Thriller" blaring, the young boy broke it down in the seats, executing a flawless rendition of the famed music video.

There's probably nothing that can top this on the adorable scale today, besides maybe a group of kittens. Not only is he a heart-breaker in training, he's also go some serious moves. This wasn't a typical dance number, it was full of swagger and skill.

Bravo to the kid, whoever he is. You're a Youtube sensation now and this video will follow you for the rest of your life. It'll be shown at your birthdays, weddings and graduations, but never fear: You did well for yourself.