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PHOTO: Franklin Gutierrez, Luis Rodriguez Are Easily Confused

The Oakland Athletics cannot figure out who Franklin Gutierrez, going so far as to plaster a photo of Luis Rodriguez up on the scoreboard during the Seattle Mariners' center fielder's at-bats. The Athletics' scoreboard operators didn't just mistake the two once, they did it five different times, every time Gutierrez stepped to the plate on Tuesday night.

Take it away, Shannon Drayer.

For the 5th time tonight the A's scoreboard crew has put up the picture of Luis Rodriguez for Franklin Gutierrez.

After the jump, a comparison.


One the left side of the image, you'll see Gutierrez beaming, making hearts melt everywhere. On the right side of the photo, you'll see Rodriguez looking like he's about to be hit by an 18-wheeler in the dead of night. These two look nothing alike. Nothing at all.

How a scoreboard operator confuses the two, then can't figure out how to correct it is beyond me. Luis Rodriguez did feel 1,000 percent sexier tonight, at least.