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Ken Griffey Jr. In Semifinals Of ESPN's Ultimate Home Run Derby

Since June 27th, Sportsnation readers have been voting on a tournament bracket of 32 of the best home run hitters of all-time. Current players in the field of 32 include Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton and Jose Bautista while legends like Hank Aaron, Harmon Killebrew and Willie Mays are also included. 

Ken Griffey Jr., a No. 2 seed is pitted against arguably the greatest player of all-time, No. 1 seed Babe Ruth in the semifinals. In the other semifinal match, No. 3 Ted Williams faces off against No. 1 Willie Mays. 

The Babe revolutionized baseball with his power-hitting exploits; he led the AL in HRs a record 12 times and finished with 714.

Besides hitting 630 home runs for his career, Junior has excelled in the Home Run Derby, winning the event a record three times. (Via:

Babe Ruth has already knocked out No. 5 Alex Rodriguez and No. 2 Hank Aaron. All-time Home Run leader No. 3 Barry Bonds was knocked out by Mays in the quarterfinals.