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Erik Bedard Trade: Trayvon Robinson, Chih Hsien Chiang Reportedly Headed To Seattle In Three-Team Trade

In a late MLB trade deadline move, the Seattle Mariners reportedly shipped Erik Bedard to the Boston Red Sox just as the window for trades closed. The move came down to the wire, with scouts anxiously watching Bedard on Friday night in his first start since being placed on the disabled list with a knee strain. His performance was less than spectacular, leading many to wonder whether the Mariners would be able to move him at the trade deadline.

But the Boston Red Sox maintained interest and made a move for Bedard after a trade for Rich Harden fell through. In order to get a deal done, a third team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, was reportedly brought into the mix, with prospects heading every which way. According to Buster Olney, here are the details.

Three-team deal Bedard for BOS: Federowicz, 2 other minor leaguers to LAD, Trayvon Robinson, Chih Hsien Chiang to SEA for Bedard, Fields.

Robinson is an outfielder with the Dodgers and is currently in AAA. He's a quality prospect that may be close to major league ready, and could provide the Mariners with power from both sides of the plate. It's the addition of Robinson that makes this deal enticing for the Mariners. Here's what Tacoma Rainiers announcer Mike Curto had to say about Robinson:

One of the top prospects in the PCL - we go to Albuquerque Wed. RT @Kevin_Goldstein: Seattle gets Trayvon Robinson, Seattle wins the deal.

Chiang, on the other hand, comes from Portland, the AA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

If this is truly the return for Bedard, it should have fans excited. Jack Zduriencik pulled a rabbit out of the hat at the trade deadline, and turned Bedard and Fields into two quality hitting prospects that could be useful in the near-future for the Mariners.