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MLB Trade Rumors: Erik Bedard To Be 'Showcased' Friday Night

The Seattle Mariners could still become a player during the final ays leading up to the trade deadline, with one player in particular that may be getting shopped; Eric Bedard.

The left-hander will return to the rotation on Friday against the Rays after missing his previous four starts with a sprained left knee. Before he went down Bedard sported a 4-6 record along with a 3.00 ERA in his 15 starts before going down with his knee injury during a 3-1 loss to Atlanta on June 27. His start on Friday, in essence, will be a showcase for him as the Mariners will likely try to get rid of him over the next few days.

Seattle hasn't ruled out resigning him, but have teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers interested in him, meaning they may be able to get some decent value in return if they do trade him. Seattle is supposedly looking for a lot in return for Bedard, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few days.