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The Ballad Of Wily Mo Pena

On Wednesday the Mariners signed journeyman slugger Wily Mo Pena to a minor league contract. Pena's power is what has allowed him to consistently find a job on a major league baseball team in his first six seasons in the big leagues. However, because of his frequent strike outs and questionable fielding, Pena has been in the minor leagues for three years.

Earlier this month, Jeff Passan from ThePostGame ran a feature on Pena's career chronicling his major league career and revealing what Pena believes he can still accomplish as a baseball player:

He sees Jose Bautista and Jayson Werth, Nelson Cruz and Michael Morse, power hitters who blossomed in their late 20s when given full-time at-bats. He's convinced his .363 batting average at Reno was more than a fluke. He's sure his major league numbers this year without the home runs – 3 for 23 with no walks and 12 strikeouts – will improve and aren't more of the same mediocrity. (Via: ThePostGame)

Mariners fans are hoping Pena can come up and immediately produce for a struggling offense. Some writers around the Mariners believe Pena will soon make his debut for the big league club, including Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan,

Wily Mo Pena. For now, he'll maim pitchers with Tacoma. But we could see him in Seattle soon, and even though he probably wouldn't play very much, oh, the fun we could have when he does. (Via: Lookout Landing)