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2011 MLB All-Star Game: Michael Pineda Overshadowed By Derek Jeter, Joe Buck's Rambling

Michael Pineda was superb in the 2011 MLB All-Star Game. It was an experience he cherished, and he dominated the three batters he faced. We all know about Pineda here in Seattle, and he's quickly making a name for himself on the national level. Tuesday was another step for the young hurler, and he brought his best stuff to the mound in Phoenix.

Of course, as Pineda was mowing down the National League and being his usual self, Joe Buck couldn't stop talking about -- what else? -- Derek Jeter. With the best young pitcher in the game on the mound, the Fox broadcast centered on the Yankee captain, who wasn't even playing in the All-Star Game. Clearly Jeter was the most pressing national issue at the moment, but would it kill them to acknowledge the work being done by our young star?

We get it, Jeter skipping the All-Star Game because of "exhaustion" after recording his 3,000th hit and playing the next day has some people outraged. But is it necessary to gab about Jeter in the third inning of the game with one of the few entertaining parts of the exhibition going on down on the field? At least focus on something happening in the game, not the non-story that is Jeter deciding not to play, just like so many other players did this year.

Then again, it's Joe Buck. I guess we can't expect much more from Fox's 'A' broadcaster, who displays the excitement of a kid about to have a root canal during baseball games.

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